Barber Harp Salon Update Way to Get Business Ready with Alan Beak

Way to Get Business Ready with Alan Beak

It can be difficult to run your own business in the hairdressing and beauty industry, with everything from finance to marketing to team management. Here, Booksy Ambassador, director of Ruger Barber and world-renowned Barber Alan Beak shares his top tips for preparing your business for 2023.

“There are many hair salons and service industries, and we are constantly struggling to open new businesses, which is great for all the sectors in which they operate, because it shows growth in this area,” says Alan. “But if you want to keep growing, you have to look at what others are offering and do more or better. So, if you think that the beginning of the year is a quieter time, you can use this time wisely to improve your shop, your training and your network as much as possible.”

Prepare for everything

“Preparing for everything this year is essential. We decided to sit down as a team and think about all the problems we might face – things like quiet moments, no-shows and after cancellations. We now have a List of possible difficulties and we will implement processes such as marketing techniques and the implementation of leak protection. The key is to make sure that all paths are covered.”

Get organized (and stay) organized

“Staying organized is important for a well-oiled company and for you to make yourself and everyone happy. I like to have 30 minutes every morning to make a list of jobs and set aside time during the day to work on those jobs. When I try to do them between clients, I can easily lose track and get lost. Therefore, it is better to set hours during the day that I hide. I have always used the acronym FOCUS – to take a course until it passes.”

Stay flexible

“Some jobs have priority over others and can change throughout the day or week. So, when I make my job list, I often put a star next to the most priority jobs. When an employee falls ill and appointments have to be changed or postponed, it is automatically a high priority because our customers are the most important people and it is imperative that they are taken care of and not disturbed.”

Use Word Of Mouth

“The growth of your company in 2023 is about your services and your experience. Having an online presence is great and looks fantastic for your colleagues. More importantly, it’s important to have a better body audience than a virtual one, and that’s my advice for the year. Focus on the people who come to the store and word of mouth will spread about the quality of your space and the quality of your treatment and care.”

Plan ahead

“I tend to plan as I go, because things are constantly changing. Having a planner and a detailed calendar is so important for me to be organized. If an external job comes up and I have to book my time on Booksy, I try to do it as soon as possible to make sure that I don’t have to reschedule a lot of appointments, but if something happens in the short term, I know that I can reach my entire client list with the boom message system and ”

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