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Perfect a Scissor Cut Pompadour

This month, Phillip Brooks (@vagabondbarber) shows us how to get a polished Pompadour cut with scissors.

Check out his cut in action by watching his role here and follow the steps below:

How to perfect a Pompadour cut with scissors:

The first step in any haircut is a consultation. What shape do you like? How do you want your hair to rest when it is styled and when it is not styled? Do you want the neck to narrow or go beyond the hairline? Then you can plan your haircut. In this matter, it means cutting the hair, so start by dividing the top into four parts.

Now take a section from the bottom of the vertical bar to the top of the ear and cut it to the desired side length.
Take a parallel section about 1 cm above your previous one and run in an arc just above the ear and towards the hairline. (Imagine the cuts taken from both sides of the head that meet and create a curved V at the back of the head).

Starting from the front of the head, draw your second section across the border between your First and second sections and cut using your first as a guide, then follow this length over the ear and over the section.
Follow with your third and fourth sections, each parallel to the last – each time, keep the sections directly above your base and cut using the previous section as a guide.

You have one section left that you can cut off at the top of the sides. To start creating weight on the sides, you can direct this section to the section below when cutting–repeat on the opposite side.
Now you can detach the rear triangular section; follow the shape of the triangle, take sections on this area and match them to section five of the sides, lifting your sections very slightly each time and repeating on the opposite side.

Loosen one of the upper side pieces – now you can cut this one by dividing it into four sections from front to back, cutting each one to match the previous one and pulling them all so that they are horizontal with their bases.
Take a central section and start with a small piece from the top of the triangular section. Follow this length on the top of the head, usually with the section rising forward. Use it as a guide to cut the left and right sides of the top of the head, making sure to cut horizontally instead of following the shape of the head.

It’s just a matter of the final touch. First, divide the hair into its natural center parting and use a feather shaver to refine the shape and length of the curtains. At this point, you can also choose to lift the neck with a razor (to create a feeling of lightness for the neck) or to remove a few large slices by cutting the canal (to create a jerky but heavy feeling). I recommend doing some while it’s wet, but leave the real refinement after you’ve dried the hair. You can also finish your scissor-cut Pompadour by adding a cone at the temples or at the back of the neck or both.

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