Barber Harp Hair Style Motivate Your Team With Fresha

Motivate Your Team With Fresha

The subscription-free Fresha software helps Cardiff-based Brooklyn hair salons maximize their business potential and motivate their team with online bookings, reviews and advice.

With three thriving hairdressing salons and their GB Academy in the cosmopolitan city of Cardiff, the team behind gents of Brooklyn’s passion for the profession is bearing fruit.

Owner Lewis Welsh is enthusiastic about promoting the hairdressing profession as a rewarding career that is “sociable, creative, flexible and progressive”. Lewis encourages talents not only to produce great hairdressers – many of whom would after work in his stores-but also to inspire his protégés with the same pride, passion and faith that led him and the gentlemen of Brooklyn to great success.


Gents of Brooklyn opened the doors of its first hair salon five years ago and has since set the standard in Cardiff. They have a Self-formed team of full-time and part-time hairdressers, each hairdresser bringing a different angle and depth to the unique Image of the brand. “We train all our employees, so we have a signature standard built into every cut. But we also have a lot of unique accents by incorporating the individual personality and the strengths of the hairdresser in his haircuts.”

With a wide age range within the team and the clientele, Gents of Brooklyn is all inclusive. While you pamper each client with your exceptional services and your sewing experience, Fresha plays a key role in promoting new appointments and motivating your team.

Fresha-making life easier

“Fresha makes everything a lot easier and keeps everything moving,” says Lewis. “Clients love making appointments in their free time via the app, and our team knows how many clients they see every day. Customers know when to get on and off, which allows them to plan their day if, for example, they need to catch a train or arrive here at a specific time. This prevents many people from waiting to be served. Customers can even make an appointment when they are on vacation when they return. It’s very convenient.”

When it comes to advice, Fresha’s planning software also makes Lewis’s life easier. “Before using Fresha, it was difficult to know where the advice was coming from,” he explains. “Customers can leave a tip if they pay through Fresha, so this is a much better way for the team to get their tips. They don’t work for tips, but they are great at shaving and that keeps the team motivated.”

Driving business with reviews and social media

In addition to their growing reputation and word of mouth attracting new customers, Lewis noted how Fresha’s reviews have helped them gain popularity in the area. “All of our reviews are four or five stars and they are so important because new customers know what to expect before they come in,” says Lewis.

While social media and the internet dominate the way people want to find and book hairdresser appointments, the simplicity of Fresha’s salon software and its social media integrations are essential features for Lewis. “Fresha is really easy to use. Customers simply choose the hairdresser, the Service and the time they want, and then book it. Facebook Instagram facebook Instagram Facebook Instagram while many young customers use the Book Now button on Instagram, we also receive many bookings via Facebook and Google.”

With Cardiff’s large student community expanding its customer base, business is booming at Gents of Brooklyn. Fresha is highly recommended by Lewis and the team, as anyone new to the area can easily find Brooklyn gentlemen on Google and book an appointment online: “I would recommend Fresha to other companies. I use it in My Stores and The Training Academy, and it works perfectly in all of them.”

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