Barber Harp Latest Style Mike Taylor Tips for Being a Great Barber Educator

Mike Taylor Tips for Being a Great Barber Educator

Everyone wants to become an educator now. But according to Mike Taylor of Mike Taylor Education, no one teaches well without first-hand experience. You should not learn to shave with the intention of becoming a hairdressing educator. You should do it for the love of Craftsmanship.

“The online world has made the word “educator” famous. You want to be recognized as an expert. For many people, it’s all about the Image and what’s on their social networks. But in fact, it should be about inheritance. When people pay a lot of money for a course, they think they are qualified to be teachers. This is simply not the matter or the reality.

Before becoming a hairdressing educator, ask yourself: how many years have you shaved? Have you seen the trends change? Do you have experience in finance and business? You need to know how to pay taxes, how to deal with employees and how to deal with unpleasant customers. These are things that you learn at work, not through a course.

“I’m just thinking about training people who have been hairdressers for a long time and have experience in running a store. At the moment, the only people I teach as educators are my colleagues. As a teacher, I know that you need to engage with Ofsted and write detailed comments on the development of your learners in order to obtain funding. A lot of management and time management is required. Many people are good at training people – but they are not good at theory and paperwork.

If you are actually ready to become a hairdressing educator, then go to an established college and give up your time for free to see if you like it. That’s what I did. I just couldn’t get staff, so I went in to teach unpaid, and the college ended up investing in me – and I got staff out.

“To be honest, even I am still learning to teach! It’s difficult and it’s not what you see on social networks. Do not rush to become a teacher – take advantage of the hairdresser community. Whatever you do, don’t skip the best parts of the industry. At the end of the day, bake a cake to eat it, not to teach someone else how to bake a cake!”

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