Barber Harp BArber Men Hair Cut and Styling Trend Predictions

Men Hair Cut and Styling Trend Predictions

We spoke to two experts who know their way around to get their men’s hair trend predictions for 2021.

From the brightest colors to the hottest cuts, Jim Shaw, owner of Toni & Guy Billericay and Alfie James Parr, took a look at the trendy crystal ball and this is what they predict …

The main cuts and styles
Short and structured

Short and textured cuts are on the rise throughout 2020 and from 2021 it will be one of the most popular cuts among men. It looks better when the sides are kept a little shorter than the top and the emphasis is on adding texture to the top of the hair. Jim Shaw

The 70s are back!

Modern looks inspired by the 70s will also appear on the catwalks of Rick Owens, Lanvin, Etro & Gucci. For me personally, skin discoloration will always have its place, but it is also the beginning of a new dawn for men’s hair trends for consumers. Alfie James Parr

Military long

This hairstyle is inspired by the classic military Cut, but with an extra length above. The key to doing this is to keep the sides and back shaved close enough to the skin and leave the hair on top longer than usual to ensure movement and a separate look. JS

High fade

Like many hairstyles and fashion, trends are coming back. The same goes for the High Top Fade, which was popular in the 80s and 90s and is making a comeback for 2021. This look is all about clean, precise lines with a gradient on the sides. I especially like this Look on those who have curly and textured hair and I find it to be a very fresh and elegant look that works well to bring out the facial features of the clients. JS

Long on top

I loved seeing the guys grow their hair in 2020! I expect that the guys with longer locks will be very interested in retaining some of the growth after the lock, and we will see how to make cuts to work with the new found length. AJP

Combed sideways or backwards

Slicked Back styles have been popular for a few years and look great whether the hair is combed from the face or to the side to create drama. This is a truly timeless Look and can also be modernized when paired with an undercut or when a Matte product is used instead of a high gloss for a more natural finish and add extra texture. JS


I predict that one of the most well-known hair trends for men at the moment will continue until 2021. Separate cuts create a contemporary look and can really make a statement. This can be integrated into many Looks, including Quiffs, and gives a very youthful and trendy look because the hair on the sides stands out from the hair on top. JS

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