Barber Harp BArber Groom Service Preparing Your Clients for Their Wedding Day

Groom Service Preparing Your Clients for Their Wedding Day

If there is a day when a groom has to do his best, it is his wedding day. Grooming guru Lee Kynaston says that the most important tool a modern groom has is his hairdresser.

In the past, all the attention was focused on the bride on a wedding day, but now the bride and groom want to look as beautiful as their fiancee and are ready to take advantage of everything that the care industry has to offer. A decent haircut is almost always at the top of this list, so here’s how to make sure every groom looks his best on his wedding day.

Playing it safe

The photographic proof of a rash makeup just before a wedding will be with you forever. “For a new style, advise your clients to think about it four or five cuts in advance and avoid something that has been talked about for the day,” advises Adam Palmer from Mitchell male Barbers in Chelmsford.

Skip the gloss

There is nothing worse than smooth hair with oil on your clients’ wedding photos. Adam suggests matte finish products and a little lacquer to make sure everything stays in place.

Neck it

Many newlyweds forget that on their wedding day, people will be looking at the back of their heads most of the time. “I always advise the bride and groom to stop on the morning of the wedding to put things in order at the last minute,” says Adam.

Beard Basics

“The trick is to make the beards look neat and well-groomed, but not dummy,” says Barbiermeister and Session stylist, artistic hairdresser and men’s grooming expert. “I shave just above the Adam’s apple and mix the line so that things look natural. In addition, it is easy for clients to make a silly mistake on the morning of their wedding at home, so a professional beard cut is worth it.”

Become friends

Do not forget that the best man, the father of the bride and the groom’s friends should also look good. You should all have some preparation before the wedding; you don’t want to drop the page!

Tips for the bride and groom: some (Non-hairy) commandments and prohibitions for pre-wedding care

Do a manicure. “A groom’s hands are visible all day long and in photos from a wedding, so get a professional manicure,” says British technician Leighton Denny.

Do not overdo the fragrance. Spray only two to three sprays on your chest instead of on your neck and wear your usual perfume.

Do facials correctly. Remember that facials can trigger blemishes, so you have about a week before the big day.

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