Barber Harp Salon Update Barber Kit Bag Essentials Many Do You Have

Barber Kit Bag Essentials Many Do You Have

Jim Shaw is a multi-award winning male hairdresser and owner of TONI & GUY Billericay Salon, where he was one of the first male hairdressers and hairdressers to come together when he opened the first conceptual salon for men before bringing it to TONI & GUY Billericay salon. Jim now teaches everything about men’s hairstyles and helps aspiring men’s hairdressers become the best in their profession. We chat with Jim about what’s in his barber bag and men’s barber kit – his essential products and tools for creating great men’s barber looks…

Wahl battery clippers – for me, battery clippers are indispensable. They allow you to treat hair more easily and with freedom of movement. Hair clippers are ideal for cutting short hair before using scissors or for creating super short haircuts like trendy cuts.

American Crew Spring Razor – one of my favorite tools that I use for almost all of my cuts. It helps to finish the Look more seamlessly and add details. I love using it to add texture to the hair and give the finished haircut more shape.

Toni & GUY 7 inch scissors-when it comes to the hairdresser and the men’s hairdresser, one of the main differences is to use a lot more scissors and put the clipper away! I use scissors to create clear lines and get closer to the scalp for a precise cut. The scissors on comb technique is a classic men’s hairdressing technique that allows you to get closer to the head and shorter hair and achieve a more defined shape in the Haircut.

Label M Gel-this is one of my favorite products not only to finish hairstyles and give the hair a strong hold and shape, but also to use a cutting agent/pre-styling product to improve the finished style and shape.

Label M Power Paste – I love this product because it gives the hair a serious texture, movement and definition. It is flexible and has a soft grip, which makes it the perfect product for post-processing. When used to complete a hair look, this product is also excellent because it gives the hair a healthy and shiny appearance.

American Crew Style Fiber-one of my favorite products for giving hair a thicker look, texture and strong hold. This product also has a matte finish, which is ideal if you are trying to make the hair look like little or no styling product has been used, or if you are trying to create more natural hair looks.

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